Second Thought

Innovate new groundbreaking solutions in the retail, logistics, and supply chain sector

Case Studies / Second Thought


Second Thought is a startup founded in 2017 to innovate new groundbreaking solutions on retail, logistics and supply chain sectors. This privately owned company is driven by best expertise on the field, both from business and technology point of view.

Business Case

Second thoughts founders have developed MVP of their solution with local resources and were finding good market feedback for their solution. They needed a team to build the next version of it on a more robust platform and technology stack, which adheres to newest technology standards, follows a design system, can scale for enormous number of users.


Frontend: HTML, CSS, REACT, JAVASCRIPT, bit-dev

Services: Firebase functions, NODE JS

Backend: Firebase, Google BigQuery, MySQL

Platforms: Google cloud Platform (GCP)

Results & Benefits

Eteva team was onboarded to conceptualize the next version of product.

Eteva in collaboration with a partner firm built the UX for the next version, developed the UI on new technology stack, which can be customized for customers based on their business domain and can support multiple languages.

New solution got a very good response from business community, Second thought is moving fast forward to acquire new businesses on platform.

Eteva is now working on the next version of product which captures the market feedback, supports key requirements on new business domains and further enhances the product features though micro frontend and micro services architecture.

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