Importance of digital enablement for the success of your digital transformation strategy

February 25, 2022


What is digital enablement?

Digital enablement is a process to implement digitalization in an organization using advanced technologies, such as machine learning, artificial intelligence, cloud computing, and more. It is an authority to execute operations and processes on a digital platform to upskill the business. No matter what the company or an emerging startup is, any organization can use digital enablement to achieve accelerated ROI via a digital platform.

Having the right technology in hand at the starting phase of any business, organizations are becoming decentralized and increasingly global with the help of best practices and governance of a technology platform

Importance of digital enablement strategy

What is a digital enablement strategy ?

Digital enablement strategy consists of full-proof tactics on improving an organization’s performance using digital platforms. There are six phases of digital enablement strategy that are described below:

1. Adopt the right technology –

Introduce a quality, essential and stable digital platform in the organization. Lead business’s data, marketing and content teams by encouraging them to use new digital technologies.

2. Onboard users –

Get buy-ins from all business unit teams to onboard users. There can be resistance in this stage. The idea is to set the digital idea clearly to the task force and ensure how a brand will emerge after aligning with the target operating model.

3. Align the operations –

Perhaps the most crucial phase is to use the designed tools. Carry multiple tasks, such as test, analyze, strategize, and update, to let the business work effectively on the digital platform. Once the operation is aligned, investors and stakeholders will assist in future business funding.

4. Inculcate training and support –

Train customers to use the platform. Create self-service enablement hubs, face-to-face training, hand-on workshops to push the business’s development.

5. Communicate to improvise –

Communicating with the audience is the key; guide them, take their feedback and improvise the services accordingly. The more personalized a product, the more sales.

6. Optimize and uplift ROI –

Reduce operational time and costs while adopting new technology. Implement the right digital enablement strategy to reduce dependency on IT teams to increase ROI.

Alignment of digital enablement with the digital transformation strategy

Defining different roles within an organization is the critical component of digital enablement. The key part is to break down departmental silos and provide the task force with a shared roadmap. It is important to align digital enablement with a digital transformation strategy to enable this entirely. Understand the varying processes, take a multi-channel marketing approach, and adopt a lean governance model to support digital transformation.

Why is it important to deep dive into digital enablement strategy before digital transformation strategy

Digital enablement strategy acts as a catalyst to digital transformation. And digital transformation catalyzes business transformation. Digital enablement strategy orients the business towards tech, makes the organization agile and assists it to prepare for a bigger tech revolution. Building a comprehensive digital enablement strategy is important to run the business way better on digital platforms. After this, rebuilding the business model to smoothen the digital transformation. Digitize particular aspects of the business and increase revenue streams by increasing outputs. It helps grow a business rapidly by making its presence in the market and staying ahead of competitors

Survive in the digital era

Many organizations take digitalization for granted. They do not understand building the right strategy is far more important than adopting a digital platform. The automated technology will affect the business’s growth; however, to assume it will positively impact the business is a matter of course. Digital transformation fosters new mindsets. To shift from ‘doing’ to ‘being’ digital will take your online business to the next level.


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